We brew for you.

If you're part of the culture of craft beer, you're in the right place.

Our current selections include


American Wheat Ale - pale gold, light and crisp, easy drinking

East Coast IPA– hazy gold floral and fruit hop aroma bitter with ultra clean finish, lots of hop flavor

Redding Red Ale – amber to red copper, subtle caramel sweetness, earthy floral, cleanly fermented


Kentucky Style Common Ale - burnt biscuit and toasty sweet aroma is the first thing you’ll notice.  Kentucky Style Common is our interpretation of that pre-prohibition ale brewed from the 1850s to the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment in and around the Louisville, Kentucky area.  Not to be confused with California Common, this is easy drinking ale, with a hint of corn sweetness and smooth hop notes that fills the pallet. (6.5% abv.)

Redding’s Best Bitter - Brings sweet raisin, biscuit and dried fruit notes with fresh, piney herbs from traditional English hops. Rich and smooth on the palate, it draws to a clean, satisfying finish with beautifully balanced bitterness. (5.3% abv.)

Czech Amber Lager - toasty sweet and herbal spicy with a clean finish. Perfect for a crisp, fall evening.

Coffee Stout - a sweet start, balanced coffee aroma and a smooth hop finish. It's made with Branchville Brew, the signature blend of our area neighbor, Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee and lands at 5.8% abv.

Redding Olde Ale - Rich dark amber, fruity (raisins and black currants), vinous, intense malt flavor and sharp alcohol characteristics with a bitter finish.

New England Double IPA - hazy, juicy, fruity character - double strength and a bitter bite at the finish.

Belgian Triple - Pours bright gold with a white head, pear, pepper, lemon and clove are in the nose. A wisp of sweetness up front gives way to flavors of lemon, and clove. The light, effervescent mouthfeel gives our Belgian Style Triple a brisk, peppery finish.

Check back regularly for what's new on the taps.